Our first move was to become members of the Chamber of Commerce, which we remain involved with to this day.

January 2nd we opened for business, offering roll-your-own cigarette services, using machines in our middle room. When the laws regarding the legality of the roll-your-own trade changed, we were instead only able to offer Club Kristi's, which was a buy-in club where for a monthly fee, patrons could continue to use our specialized rolling machines in a more private setting.


Certified greeter and the cutest member of our staff, Tiffany is the princess of the castle. (And doesn't she know it.)

Purchased the building located at 1313 NE Jensen Beach Boulevard.

who we are


Soon, we began to offer our own privately-labeled pipe tobacco, Panama Kristi's Robust, and Gold. We continued to sell our other brands, Kentucky Select and Hot Rod.

Everyone remembers their first. Their first car, their first kiss, their first cigarette.


Here at Panama Kristi's Smoke Shop, we strive to be your LAST. You'll never have to go to a different store because we strive to make sure we carry enough variety and accessories to appeal to everyone. Every day we are trying to find yet another way to bring more satisfaction to your smoking experience. From premium E-liquids and E-Cigarettes, to the finest hand-rolled cigars and fresh tobacco, we make sure that our patrons are always the most satisfied customers out there.


our historY

This year saw a lot of changes for us, as the laws regarding tobacco and tobacco products continued to change, we had to place our Club Kristi on hiatus, while the retail arm (Panama Kristi's Smoke Shop) continued to sell tobacco and related products, such as cigars, glass pipes, and e-cigarettes.

Mid-summer, we began to have our own e-cigarette liquid manufactured in the US using only propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (with nicotine added), while other sellers continue to use Chinese-made products, which may secretly add harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes such as diethylene glycol, anabasine, myosmine, and B-nicotyrene. 


The assistant manager, Kris, is also a lifelong Martin County native. More often than not she is right behind the counter of Panama Kristi's, greeting every customer with a smile and a helping hand.


The owner and namesake of our smoke shop, Kristi is a lifelong native of Martin County. With experience in many fields of service, Kristi greets every day with a smile and hope that she can provide the best experience for her customers.



Panama Kristi's Smoke Shop



One of our first events was a wine tasting, sponsored by Southern Eagle Distributors - featuring Unwined, a local brand with beautiful artwork done by Fort Pierce artist Collen Nash Becht.